Sunday, 1 December 2013


There is so much to write about this place that I was not sure from where to start, so I thought to give this review a twist, just as this place, and follow the renowned top down approach. So, here's the VERDICT first : Your trip to Jaipur is incomplete without your visit to Chowki Dhani. Its a perfect culinary destination!!!!!

Memories rewinded 

Its an hour ride from the city, very popular place - village setup, park your car, enter the large gate, welcomed with the mud structures built up to give that rural feel, take your entry ticket, click some photos around, just taste (dont drink) their eek welcome drink, watch the magic show, apply that free mehendi if you have the patience to wait; have camel ride, elephant ride, some other fun rides, play games at prices that used to be in our school fete (yes they were that cheap) and when you are finally exhausted, then is the time to reward yourself - Time for DINNER!!!! 

(Guys, I had to rush through all this as I just want to focus on the main theme of the place, their RAJASTHANI FOOD.)

Before I begin, I want to offer a word of advice to all those who will be going to this place after reading this review, please dont be tempted with those local stalls placed as you enter - golgappas, candy floss, kulfi, jaljeera and few more, this is not something that you are here for, the best of food is waiting for you and you have to keep as much space in your stomach as you can, even better that you FAST for the whole day and enjoy this FEAST at night :)

So finally, we stood in the line (yes its really busy on weekends) and waited for our turn to be seated. They have different seating arenas, we chose the one in the open with sitting on the floor to get a true sense of the rustic feel. There was a big THAL placed in front with many small katoris (see I told you to keep your stomach empty :) Then it just started pouring in and there was no stopping. Achars, chutneys and salads, with chach and water in glasses around (suggestible to carry your mineral water bottle along). Just as we were tasting the accompaniments, we were served dal bhati churma, dont worry if you dont know anything about the cuisine, they will teach you the right way to have this and will crush the bhati in your plate, add dal, and pour spoon(s) full of desi ghee, you may look upto the server in amaze but when he smiles and say "Khalo Memsa, moti na hogey" you are pleased enough to dig into this divine creation. 

Then comes your khati kadi, sangri, gatte ki sabzi, dal, with mix of rotis-bajra, jawar n plain; hog into everything and am sure you will be licking your fingers at the end, just as we did. Then comes your gud ki khichdi, again topped with ghee, I could never imagine that khichdi could taste so good, it was superb. Repeating the orders to ensure that we have actually tasted sometihing so divine, left no space for deserts, but still we squeezed in those mouth watering jalebis, it was so well made. They also have saunf nd gur in case you still have that lil space left in your stomach, that is constantly thanking you for the delicious food you just had. 

Before I end, I wanna mention on their service for which I wish I could give them one extra point even on a score of 5. Its one of those rare places where the food is the BEST, the place is POPULAR, still the service is EXEMPLARY. The servers interact with you, give you a personalized attention even in those busy days, serve you well, make you laugh, click photos for you, share their turbans with so that a memorable pic can be clicked, and constantly greet you with a smile that adds up to your dining experience.

Finally, you end your meal with your tummy full but your heart keeps saying - ye dil mange more, thats when I wish I could also get some of those things packed for home in case I feel hungry again :)

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  1. Wow..Thanks for writing about your travel experience. Chokhi dhani Jaipur is really famous for showcasing Rajasthani culture in true sense.