Sunday, 1 December 2013


It was a strange encounter with Saras parlour when one fine day I was driving back from EP and was reminded that I had to get a pack of milk. I saw a SARAS board on my left while getting down the Malviya Nagar flyover, and parked my car outside. As I went on to get the packet, I was attracted to an ice cream machine to my left and went on grab a quick cone. 

While I had to get a coupon from the counter nearby,
I moved little more to the left and was fascinated to see the shakes available (that too so cheap) and got myself a butterscotch shake for a quick sip while driving back home. 

Then when I turned back, I was carried away with the hot jalebis and I just couldn't resist my temptation. As my hands were full with an ice cream cone and a shake (also the pack of milk) , I reassured myself that I will get these packed for home and did so. 

And then when I finally turned around, I witnessed a whole plethora of food counters in front of me - Paneer Samosas, Paneer Dosas, Paneer Chat, Paneer Pakoras and all Paneer Paneer Paneer!!! 

The whole experience reminded me of a duck tales story where Uncle scrooge gets a gold coin while walking, he walks further and gets another, further on gets another, and then when he is elated as ever, he falls into a pit of gold mine!!! 
My fellow foodies would agree that a treasure to good food is a gold mine in itself :)

With great reluctance and compulsion, I left this place, as my hands were already full, but a promise to return back soon and did so. Then on, this place has become our weekend "adda" and a must visit for all my visitors to Jaipur as it was a nice concept of the city's pouplar milk parlour serving good food. 

Have tried everything there multiple times, and my all time favourite is their paneer pakodas, despite sneaking into their kitchen multiple times, I cant figure out how they turn this simple recipe to a magical snack!!

Where the paneer pakodas score a ton, the other items - paneer chat, samosas, n dosa, though taste just average but are always available fresh n hot! You can end your meal with hot jalebis and warm milk. 

While the food is good, the prices are very reasonable, the ambiance is an open park with little sitting. If you happen to be there at the evenings, be prepared to have your food while standing in the middle of a crowd. 

Another notable thing is that they open early in the morning, though not all varieties are available that time, but mostly they have jalebis, milk, n paneer pakodas. So this place can also work as a good BREAKFAST option as well.

All in all, a nice place to hangout!

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